Does your business need a manifesto?



We recently attended a webinar about becoming “remarkable” in social media. One idea in the session was especially memorable: the concept of creating a manifesto for your business. This idea is not as off-beat as it may originally sound.

Chances are good that you are an entrepreneur who began your business with a clear vision for it in your mind. Do you have that vision articulated anywhere? Your web site or anywhere else? If not, your web site may be the perfect place for it.

Your manifesto can explain your passion about your business, and help your audience connect the dots from your passion, to the business, and the emotional attachment customers have for it. In the manifesto, you can use words that may be more emotional and powerful than you would use in more traditional marketing copy. You can really let the personality of the business, and the owner / entrepreneur come out. Beginning with phrases such as “we believe…”, and “we feel…” may give you the right place to start with this plan. Be sure to tag your document and use key words so search engines can find it, too.

Think about it and let me know what you believe. I would love to see some of your ideas and manifestos.

More information about word-of-mouth marketing and how to be “remarkable” can be found here:




About Laura Gale

I've led a number of companies - large and small - during transformations in their lives. The companies are usually moving into digital environments, and a lot of change is required. I pride myself on managing change productively and positively. I enjoy helping people and companies raise their brand awareness, and determine what strategies are right for them. I'm familiar and comfortable working with companies that need help with marketing, publishing, graphic arts as well as with small businesses. Curiosity is a hallmark of mine, and it has fueled my drive to social media - that and being a former journalist. You can also view my personal blog at I look forward to conversing with you.
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