This is one time it is OK to be fresh with people

When you visit web sites, you typically expect that some of the content will have changed since the last time you visited the site. You may not expect it all to be different, but the best sites have fresh information and are dynamic as opposed to static. Fresh and relevant content enables your site to be a destination for your customers and others in your industry. You want your site to be a go-to resource for information, education, entertainment and more, depending on your industry.

Your business needs someone to be paying attention to the web site every day. Some businesses create a team of people who nurture their web sites in order to be sure that the responsibility is not shouldered by any one individual. Not only does that method guarantee that you’ve got more than one person trained on the care and feeding of your web site, but it also provides some spice to your site. Having the voices of several people adds variety and interest. The various voices should present messaging that is consistent with your business’ messaging, but it is OK for the style and personality of the individuals to come through.

Be sure that your fresh content is visible for your visitors, and also be sure that your visitors can find content from the past if they want. Remember that sometimes people deliberately come back to your site to review something they saw or read previously, too.

Fresh content adds to your site’s vitality and to its role as a destination. You want your customers and other fans to come back again and again – and they will do that if fresh and relevant information is waiting for them.

About Laura Gale

I've led a number of companies - large and small - during transformations in their lives. The companies are usually moving into digital environments, and a lot of change is required. I pride myself on managing change productively and positively. I enjoy helping people and companies raise their brand awareness, and determine what strategies are right for them. I'm familiar and comfortable working with companies that need help with marketing, publishing, graphic arts as well as with small businesses. Curiosity is a hallmark of mine, and it has fueled my drive to social media - that and being a former journalist. You can also view my personal blog at I look forward to conversing with you.
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