Where’s the image? Thoughts for your web site.

When you are preparing marketing materials about your company, be sure to take the images that you use into consideration.

The online world is getting to be a more and more visual place. The growth of Pinterest, with its almost exclusive use of imagery, is but one of the most recent phenomena. The growth and success of Instagram and Tumblr are two more examples.

So, when you are creating images for your site – or for your other materials – keep in mind that the human eye is drawn to color. From an emotional standpoint, photos of people make more of an impact than those of inanimate objects. If you include photos of your staff, use unposed images and those that depict joyfulfulness, professionalism and definitely those that represent how you want your company’s brand projected.

The images should be clean, identifiable (unless your business is to be mysterious!) and large. The brights should be bright, the whites should be white and the darks should be dense. It’s as easy to remember as doing the laundry!

And, also, keep in mind those people who are not sighted and still need to navigate your site. I have a friend who is blind, and she can be blocked from making comments or contributing to those images that make you write a nonsensical word. Keep in mind that those who cannot see, still use web sites.

Think like you are creating a coffee table books – remember those? – and have fun with your images. They don’t have to be slick to be noticed, just personable and simple.


About Laura Gale

I've led a number of companies - large and small - during transformations in their lives. The companies are usually moving into digital environments, and a lot of change is required. I pride myself on managing change productively and positively. I enjoy helping people and companies raise their brand awareness, and determine what strategies are right for them. I'm familiar and comfortable working with companies that need help with marketing, publishing, graphic arts as well as with small businesses. Curiosity is a hallmark of mine, and it has fueled my drive to social media - that and being a former journalist. You can also view my personal blog at lauracgale.blogspot.com. I look forward to conversing with you.
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